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Meet the Team


Hello, my name's Lucy and I started The Cookie Dough Co. back in Autumn 2016. My ambition was to make edible cookie dough a recognised dessert in its own right, and I think we're on our way to achieving that, one spoonful at a time!


For many years it has been almost compulsory (in our opinion) to lick the bowl after baking cookies or cakes, yet many people would describe this as a "guilty pleasure" and a rare treat that you only experience if you go to the effort of baking in the first place! That's why we want to bottle that experience (or "tub" that experience, as the case may be!) and serve it to you to enjoy.

Our ready-to-eat cookie dough is safe to eat raw, using a special heat-treated flour and no raw eggs, and we've created a range of indulgent flavours to suit all tastes. 

Visit our online shop here to try it for yourself.

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