Would you like to sell our cookie dough or use it as an inclusion in your products?

All our cookie dough is manufactured in our factory on our family farm just outside Sheffield in North East Derbyshire. We have a 5* Hygiene Rating and SALSA Approval.

Retail Pots

Frozen Pellets

Catering Tubs


Scooping Edible Cookie Dough

Our pre-packaged retail pots make a refreshing addition to any dessert aisle, deli, cafe or shop. 

 3 Flavours Available:


Milk Choc Chip

Salted Caramel

Triple Chocolate

6 pots per case, with a minimum order of 4 cases.

Our retail pots have a refrigerated shelf life of 6 weeks.

We can supply you with frozen cookie dough pieces of either 10mm or 14mm in the following flavours:

Chocolate Chip

Double Chocolate

Plain Vanilla Cookie Dough

Vegan Caramel Choc Chip

Our cookie dough pellets make a fantastic inclusion or topping for all types of ice cream, desserts, frozen yoghurt & shakes.

We have a minimum order of 100kg for delivery and 10kg for collection. Our frozen pellets have a shelf life of 12 months.

With our 5 Litre Catering Tubs you can sell our cookie dough by the scoop in tubs, on cones or as part of a larger dessert.

6 Flavours Available:

Milk Choc Chip

Salted Caramel

Triple Chocolate

Plain Vanilla

Vegan Speculoos


Each 5 Litre catering tub contains approximately 30-35 scoops of cookie dough. We have a minimum order of 2 units.

6 week refrigerated shelf life.

Our 100g ready to bake pucks come in a 10kg box, and are individually frozen making it easy to grab one at a time, pop it straight in the oven, and serve a hot, gooey cookie dough dessert within 10 minutes.

6 Flavours Available:

Milk Choc Chip

White Choc Chip

Triple Chocolate

Vegan Choc Chip

Vegan Caramel Choc Chip

Vegan Double Chocolate

Each 10kg box contains 125x 80g pucks. Minimum order of 1 box.

6 month frozen shelf life.

Please note we are currently working to a lead time of 1 week.

To place an order or for more information please contact Lucy: